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The experts at new roofs and restoration in and around Brisbane.If you are looking for a reliable roofing company with professional contractors who are passionate roofers contact us today.

Welcome To Roof Restorations Brisbane

Welcome To Roof Restorations Brisbane

Welcome to Roof Restorations Brisbane

At RRB (Roof Restoration Brisbane), your satisfaction is one hundred percent guaranteed. With our ten years of experience and extremely affordable quotes, you will get the highest quality roofing and roofing repairs service found in Brisbane. We are locally Brisbane based, and that is our pride, as we are able to effectively serve the community better.

Here at Roof Restorations Brisbane, our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority.

Why Choose Us

  • We are fully insured
  • We employ only the best qualified roofing contractors
  • You will get fully licensed roofing contractors
  • You will benefit from our ten years of experience
  • And all this is at a price that you can afford. With our affordable quotes, you will receive high quality projects at low prices


Our Services

At Roof Restorations Brisbane, we are fully aware of the many needs that may arise with regard to roof maintenance. That is why we are a one in all company, and that is why you will not have to go hopping from place to place whenever a new roof repair may be needed.

We offer anything you may want, ranging from simple roof repairs to re-roofing to complex commercial roofing. Our services include:

  • Re-roofing your damaged roofs
  • Restoring your old roof and making it new again
  • Metal roofing for a stronger and more durable roof
  • Residential roofing for your personal housing needs
  • And commercial roofing for your warehouses and other commercial needs


What Makes Us So Unique

At Roof Restoration Brisbane, our only goal and purpose is to serve you, are dear and truly valued customers. And that’s why, by us, no job is too big or too small. Any project that you may need, whether it’s to fix a leak in your roof, restore your damaged roofing, or really anything roof related, at Roof Restoration Brisbane, you will get it. And not only that, but you will get them done efficiently and effectively by fully licensed and certified, highly qualified, and fully experienced roofing contractors. And all this for a fully affordable price.

No Matter The Job, We Are There To Serve You

Are you looking for high quality commercial roofing for your business needs? Or are you just interested in a new roof for your beautiful home? Was your roof damaged by a leak and you want to repair it? Or do you want to do over your entire roof and give your house a new, refined look? Perhaps you are interested in a strong metal roof that will withstand any wear and tear? Whatever your needs or wishes are, there is absolutely nothing you can not get at Roof Restoration Brisbane, at low prices and high quality work.Whether you are redoing your home or in need of a simple repair, you will get a high quality job done perfect for you at Roof Restoration Brisbane.

We Do Our Job, The Rest Is Up To You

At Roof Restorations Brisbane, your satisfaction is one hundred percent guaranteed. Are you in need of a roof repair or other roof related job done for you? Then you have come to the right place.Simply contact us with your request and we will promptly fulfill it, quickly and efficiently. For more information or to get a quote, feel free to contact us as well. At Roof Restoration Brisbane, our focus is you.…