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Roof Restorations Brisbane is a family owned and operated business based in Brisbane that specializes in a variety of roofing services. We are completely licensed contractors with BSA and as qualified roofing contractors and a vast experience of 10 years in the industry we have liability insurance in place, according to the legislative needs. Whether you encompass a petite roof repair, house roof, carport roof or factory roof, Roof Restorations Brisbane can meet your needs and go beyond your expectations on any roofing associated issue that you may need. Unlike other contractors in the neighborhood, we offer our customers only affordable quotes and we offer our services in a professional way for 100 % work guaranteed Satisfaction.

Why Roof Restorations Brisbane?

Though there are many reasons that Roof Restorations Brisbane happens to be the primary option to both residential and commercial customers in Brisbane, some of the notable reasons include:

  • We maintain a strong promise to being reliable and cost efficient
  • We offer topnotch roofing service to both of our residential and commercial customers.
  • We are fully licensed and qualified roofing contractors
  • All our services are guaranteed for 100 % customer satisfaction
  • Our rates are affordable than other businesses in the neighborhood


Our Services

As one of the leading roofing companies in Brisbane, we offer different roofing services to both residential and commercial facilities at affordable prices. Our services include:


  • Re Roofing

Whether you boast a corroded aged tin roof or an exhausted asbestos roof, Roof Restorations Brisbane has you covered. We provide quality re-roofing services with Bluescope products that will guarantee your newly restored roof not only appears fantastic, but it also ensures that the roof has a long-lasting life for many years to come. Furthermore, your property will be safe from those high wind events and cruel storms.

  • Metal Roofing

We are your ideal resource for expert metal roofing service. For more than 10 years in the industry, we have delivered the lifetime benefits of metal roofing to organizations and individuals throughout Brisbane. From our metal roofing service, we promise 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Roof Restorations

Our roof specialists can decide the feasibility of reinstating the existing roofs. Besides the condition of the roof, several other factors influence this decision, like the age of the roof, expected replacement price, cost of reinstatement, and how much the reinstatement will lengthen the life of the roof. Our skilled inspectors and experts will evaluate all these factors and will restore your damaged roof in a professional and affordable way.

  • Commercial Roofing

Although we are a specialist in residential roofing, but it also offers commercial Roofing services in a professional way. Our dedication to outstanding work and commitment to customer satisfaction offers us the skill to provide matchless varieties of commercial roofing services to our Brisbane customers.

Residential & Commercial

We have proudly served the roofing requirements of both residential and commercial customers in Brisbane since inception. Though several changes have taken place over the preceding century, we share the same devotion to quality in our services.

So, call us today for the onsite inspection of your property and to get an affordable quote for all of your Brisbane home or office roofing needs.